Soccer News


July 4, 2017

The host of next year’s World Cup Russia is set for a pleasant showdown as the date draws near.

There are still construction deadlines and worry about the security situation but the CEO of the local organizing committee Alexei Sorokin says all is well.

Sorokin said the nation was excited when FIFA announced them the hosts of the tournament as it was the first time the event would hold in Eastern Europe. He says Russia would be happy to host the rest of the world next year.

He says that the rest of the world would get this feel from this year when they host the Confederations Cup. Sorokin says the four cities – Moscow, St Petersburg, Kazan and Sochi – were ready to receive the large inflow of tourists already.

The CEO admitted that there have been “outbreaks of racism” in the country in the past and that is still happens sometimes. However, he said it was not a “steady trend” in the country. He added that there is a comprehensive security concept in place to forestall such events. He listed and briefly explained a few of such concepts in place like the special Fan ID that enables fans enter without the country without a visa and move freely.

On security, Sorokin says the country’s law enforcement authorities freely exchange info with other bodies to identify and keep away potential trouble makers.

Sorokin dismissed the idea that Russia was hosting the event as a PR stunt. He said the nation could not have gone to such length to spend such huge money. He says the event would benefit the country, its inhabitants and all other parties; hence making the move.